Gloucester Preschool - Minnows

Play, Learn, Grow, and Swim.... Together

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Preschool Director

Andrea Perella


ext. 22330

Special Education Coordinator

Rachel Clemenzi


ext. 22337

Administrative Aide

Christen Gaudenzi


District Integrated Preschool Nurse

Theresa Engleman

Direct Phone: 978-491-6620

Nurse's Fax: 978-948-9891

Hours 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM Monday thru Thursday

Our Preschool Program

The Preschool program provides developmentally appropriate early childhood education services and support for three to five year old children and their families. The preschool serves a diverse population of children with a wide range of abilities, needs and backgrounds, Within a safe and nurturing environment the preschool program strives to build upon the individual strengths of each child so that he/she may develop a positive self image and achieve at his/her excepted potential. The Preschool uses play and guided practices to learn basic concepts, language skills and social skills to prepare them for kindergarten.

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