Programs & Services


At the Gloucester Preschool we offer the following preschool schedules:

Fuller Day sessions-   Monday- Friday: 8:30am- 12:30pm,  Monday - Thursday: 8:30am-12:30pm 

AM Sessions-  Monday - Thursday: 8:30am- 11:00am

PM Sessions- Monday- Thursday: 12:00pm- 2:30pm

Full Day Pilot Program-  Monday- Friday: 8:30am- 2:30pm, Friday: 8:30am- 12:30pm 


Parents who wish to enroll their child must complete a registration packet and return it to Christen Gaudenzi at the preschool. Scheduled visits with your child are strongly encouraged  before enrollment. 


The Integrated Classroom

The Gloucester Preschool's integrated classroom is a vibrant and inclusive learning environment designed to foster the growth and development of children of various abilities and backgrounds. In this classroom,  you will find a diverse group of young learners aged three to five, each with unique needs and strengths. The students represent a widw range of abilities, including those with disabilities, developmental delays, and typically developing peers. The classroom celebrates diviersity, promoting acceptance and understanding among all children. Our teachers are highly trained in early childhood eduction and often in special education as well. They work collabortaively with speech therapists, occupational therapists and other specialists to provide targeted support for students who require it. 

Class Size/Staff 

The class sizes are small with a maximum of fifteen students in each of the integrated classrooms. There is a licensed teacher and one or two highly qualified assistants in each of the classrooms. The preschool has speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and a school adjustment counselor who work with the students within the context of the classroom.

The Intensive Classroom 

The intensive classroom is an educational setting that is designed to provide the highest level of individualized support and instruction to children with significant disabilities, empowering them to make progress for future educational experiences.